12 Ways To Integrate (Not Just Use) Technology In Education

If you run a classroom, school, district, or country, you need to know how to properly integrate technology in education. This should help.

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BADLAND - Atmospheric Side-Scrolling Action Adventure Game from Frogmind

BADLAND is an atmospheric action side-scroller adventure game coming to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

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A beautiful looking mobile game. I love the silhouette foreground with coloured background. The physics engine in the game work exceptionally well on mobile. Top marks all round! I can’t recommend it enough.


The important foreground interactive objects have been purposely designed with low detail to highlight the incredible art work in the background.


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Obama to attend Boston bomb ceremony

President Obama is due in Boston to attend a ceremony to honour the victims of Monday’s bomb marathon bomb attacks.

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Netflix plans its move from Microsoft Silverlight to HTML5 video

Last month Google announced that Netflix was now available on ARM-based Samsung Chromebooks thanks to the use of HTML5 video — and now the streaming service has outlined its larger plans to eventually move to the format for all computers. Currently, Netflix primarily uses the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in when streaming video to web browsers, but Netflix’s Anthony Park and Mark Watson point out in a blog post that the current solution really can’t stand. Plug-ins don’t play well with with most mobile browsers, they can be cumbersome for users, and perhaps most importantly, Microsoft itself may not develop a new version of Silverlight beyond the current release.

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Good move. Makes sense to use utilise web standards, as opposed to 3rd party plugins. ^NB

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The 10 Stupidest Things Ever Said By Tech’s Smartest People

Even Steve Jobs got it wrong sometimes.

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Augmented Reality: Fujitsu touch and gesture video interface

*Basically an entry in the Kinect and LeapMotion sweepstakes. The video mechanism has nothing to do with the paper, but when you project on something and people touch it, they never look up to see the camera lens and projector. It always comes across to the user as “magic paper.”

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What Makes Google Glass Work [Infographic]

Infographic depicting some of the specifics on what makes Google Glass work.

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