iPhone 4S: Stephen Fry’s review

Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone 4

Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone 4, predecessor to the iPhone 4S, last year. Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple's loss last week was enormous. I wrote all that I felt I could in theblog farewell on my website to a man I was lucky enough to know a little and admire a great deal. Most are probably now profoundly sick of hearing either how much he was under or overestimated as a man and as a figure of his times. I never knew of any human beings whose achievements were exactly estimated.

The word “estimate” is the clue here. I only know that if I had grandchildren and they heard me tell of my meetings with him they would feel as I might if my grandfather had told me about meeting Henry Ford, Rockefeller or Irving Thalberg. It might be, after all, that Aldous Huxley overestimated Henry Ford by making the dystopian future in his Brave New World name its calendar after him.

Some people become synecdoches, symbols or metonyms. Whether you think he was overpraised by some, underappreciated by others or whether you don’t give a hoot doesn’t really mean much to me. He mattered to me enormously. The standards he set, the passionate belief he had in the way that technology, the arts, design, fun, elegance and delight could all co-exist, the eternal pushing for higher standards, the refusal to accept standard paradigms in anything, either the conventional modus operandi of corporate affairs, technological matters or market practices was an example from which the world will continue to learn.

Believe me, there will be more than 500 books published in the next year which will claim to be able to teach you how to improve your business/profits/image/career by using the “Jobs example”. How he would have loathed that. I have sat on judging panels that have wanted to give him extremely prestigious awards. He only ever accepted awards on behalf of the company, not on his own. Whatever your view of him, huckster, snake-oil salesman, evangelist or hero, the whole point is that copying someone who disdained copying anything would be the dumbest joke of all.

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►Mini Matmian:

A comprehensive review of not only Apple’s new ios5 operating system and iPhone 4S (4S…really!?) but also the impact Steve Jobs has had on the mobile technology industry.

Stephen Fry is a very out spoken and famous technophile who has a history of favouring Apple products. However, I don’t feel this impinges on the validity of his points in the review.

If you are an iPhone/Apple fan but just can’t find the money to upgrade to their latest toy, then I’ll leave you with this small piece of comfort, courtesy of Mr Fry:

If you are tired of the upgrade race or feel you can’t justify the expense, you at least have the knowledge that iOS 5 will transform your existing iPhone enthrallingly.”

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