Santa Farty Pants - A classic game from Matmi

The Matmi Christmas games just keep on coming!

It’s a Christmas disaster! Santa’s sleigh has crashed and he’s only just started making his rounds. How on Earth will he be finished by morning?

Hang on – what’s being thrown out of the windows? Pies and brussel sprouts!? OK, Santa knows that kids hate sprouts - but he loves them. In fact, if he eats enough pies and sprouts, he can swap the sleigh for the methane gas converter attached to his ass – and fly through the air with the greatest of ease!Ooooh – careful – what’s this? Psychotic, evil snowmen?

Who could have thought that idea up (not me). Don’t let them take a swipe at our hero! Make a dash for the sprouts, fill Santa’s Sprout-o-meter to the max and let’s make sure those presents are delivered in time!Arrow keys to move, Crtl to drop presents down the chimney and refill your sack.



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