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So it’s Friday, the sun has gone and I was struggling for inspiration for a post. Then I remembered some advice I read a while back. If you are stumped for inspiration, dig up some of your old posts and do a topic bundle. So that is where we find ourselves today. I have gathered together some of the musings we have done on Gamification and put them into one post. Enjoy!

1) Merit Badges: How Salesforce Motivates a Workforce 

We are no strangers to the gamifying of the work place and a company called Rypple have come up with one solution for motivating your workforce through adding a a layer of game dynamics. 

2) The future of the city: Crowd sourcing and Gamification

Here we looked at the possibility of using crowd sourcing and gamification in urban design. It’s an interesting theory and one worth a read. Although, as I mentioned in the post, if my experiences of SimCity are anything to go by, we would have quite an urban mess on our hands.

3) Will the Homes of the Future be Gamified?

The spark that ignited this post was a Channel 4 show about the home of the future. It plopped a family into a make-shift imagined futuristic home which included gamified aspects such as a bin that chastised them for not recycling. 

4) RedCritter Tracker: Motivation by Gamification

Here we give you an insight into our own experiences with using Gamification to motivate and reward fellow Matmians. Sounds kind of Big Brother-ish but that is not actually the case. The software is a project management tool, specifically designed to work with software development teams using the SCRUM methodology. 

5) Gamification of Educuation

The use of Gamification techniques within education is not on the horizon…it is already here. 6 months ago I highlighted the fact that the work teachers have been doing in classrooms across the globe for many years could easily be seen as a form of non-digital Gamification. 

I mention this now because an article on PSFK.com caught my attention. It was about a company in Singapore who have developed an educational application that takes advantage of gamification techniques and mobile technology.

6) Gamify your site!

And why do I want to do that?” I hear you cry. To engage visitors with your website for longer, acquire more customers and raving fans, and ultimately improve your profits. How does that sound? Really good – assuming you know what gamification is – so let’s start there.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the posts where we have mused on the subject of Gamification. If you are still interested in reading more, you can find all the posts here.


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