Mobile apps: A look at what makes a good app great.

With one billion people expected to own a smart phone by 2015 , the mobile applications market has boomed , with 23 installed apps per device on average. Like any other saleable object, apps need to be unique to sell. Some of the most successful apps on smartphones today haven’t introduced new ideas, they just do them better.Keeping this in mind , let’s take a look at what it takes for an app to be successful  and become a top seller on the app store.

·         A good app keeps in mind that in the majority of cases the user is using a device with a pretty small touchscreen. The user interface needs to be as unobtrusive as it can be, leaving out any design elements that don’t add a use or function to the app.

·         The way an app looks and operates is essential to its success – when someone downloads an app , and opens it , they are going to instantly form an impression. If the app lacks fluidity and other rival apps on the market  are more visually appealing then the chances are the user won’t even bother getting to know what the app does. This is especially true in the case of free apps.

·         The success of an app can depend of how consistent it is performance wise.  The top selling apps are those that work perfectly , and preferably consumes the minimum CPU and battery power. An app that crashes constantly will never get anywhere! In addition to this loading time can also be influential towards how successful an app is on release. An app that takes under 5 seconds  to load is fine , but if an app starts to take longer than that then the user tends to start to become impatient.

·          Solve a problem- this is one of the main factors for success:  top-ranking apps solve some kind of problem that other apps don’t solve or just partially solve. No one needs another weather informer, clock, or news reader. Make something unique that solves a common problem.

·         Appealing description - An app’s description is the only information available to users to help them decide whether they want to download your app or not. Spending  extra time writing an appealing description, and including attractive screenshots, promo graphics, and icons, can make the difference between someone choosing to download your app or not.

·         The app’s icon in the app store is also vital to an apps success.  The apps with the most visually appealing and interesting icons tend to intrigue the user and make them more likely to download

·         How an app is priced can also have a strong influence over how successful an app will be.  The premium vs freemium app pricing debate is continuing , however despite this the freemium pricing model (giving the app away for free – but then charging for in game updates such as virtual currency etc)  has overtaken the premium pricing model , and becoming the basis for some of the most successful apps available on the app store. As it stand downloads are 65% vs 35% in favour of freemium apps.

·         And of course we couldn’t post an article on mobile apps without mentioning Matmi’s up and coming and hopefully amazingly successful (fingers crossed! ) apps  Rollabear and Pocket Warwick. We are really excited about the release of these apps , keep an eye out for them hitting an app store near you very very soon! 

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