Develop Conference 2012

Last week Jeff went down to a not-so- sunny Brighton for the Develop Conference 2012. Not only was he attending the conference, but he also gave a talk on the evolution of casual gaming and the rise of IPTV.

For those of you who don’t already know, Jeff had a special guest with him during his talk – Warwick Davis! Warwick joined Jeff on stage to talk about his upcoming app Pocket Warwick.  It has been a fantastic experience working alongside Warwick in producing the app, and his comedy/acting skills have really helped give the app that unique edge – keep an eye out for it hitting an app store near you very soon!

We would like to thank Warwick for participating in the talk and taking part in the panel – his opinions on the experience of working with Matmi to develop his app made for some interesting discussion! Also a big thanks to Warwick for taking part in this unusual stunt – it was great to see the shocked audience reaction most of whom were not expecting to see an international film star take the stage.   

Finally, a massive thank you to the other panellists, Volker Hirsch (Head of Games at Blackberry) and Mike Hawkyard (Chairman of Casual games at TIGA and New Business Director of 4T2) whose contributions helped make the panel a great success.

 Jeff’s talk focused on the convergence of media, potentially the biggest change the digital landscape has seen since the first smartphones appeared. The talk also touched on Matmi’s predictions for the future  of end user content - “content belongs to the user not the device” which is particularly relevant to us now due to the  imminent release of Rollabear which will be published across more devices than Matmi has ever attempted  before.

Jeff really enjoyed doing the talk – especially some of the slightly surreal questions from the audience at the end!  It was also really interesting for him to see the division of peoples’ opinions on the subject of IPTV, with some people believing IPTV will be a huge success, and others believing it won’t take off at all.

Some closing words from Jeff himself “ The rest of the conference was fantastic, jam packed, informative and really enjoyable-It was nice to see the Oliver twins who made Dizzy Games and hear their take on the industry, both now and in the future and it was great to meet the rest of the TIGA team. “ 

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