Matmi Launches Latest Viral Game - Carbonator

Award-winning niche games agency, Matmi, has launched its new viral game for BP called Carbonator. This is the latest release in a long line of branded games developed by Matmi, stretching back 11 years (wow - as I typed that I suddenly got a shudder of old age creeping up on me).

Why a branded flash game?

WDMP approached Matmi to assist in the development of a viral game to help promote BP’s Target Neutral campaign. The campaign is focused around BP’s offer to offset carbon emissions of all the people who will be travelling to London 2012.

A branded flash game (advergame) is a fantastic way to get massive exposure online and to ensure your potential customers have fun while being engaged with your brand.

The aim of this game is to not only raise awareness of the BP’s Target Neutral offer but also to drive traffic through to the BP Target Neutral website ( - and what better way to raise awareness than to have an online product gaining exposure from the millions of flash gamers on hundreds, or even thousands, of websites. Add this to the social integration where you can share the game with your friends and you have a perfect mix for a viral game which could be played millions of times in it’s life. A permanent online interactive advert for your brand.

So what is the game all about?

The London 2012 games are here, but the Carbon Orbs are threatening the very safety of the world’s oldest sporting competition.

Spitting out of all the cars, buses, taxis, planes and trucks clogging up London, the Carbon Orbs are multiplying at an incredible rate. Without your help the games are going to be overrun with carbon clusters.

Your e: mission is to get to the finish line as quickly as possible, neutralising as many of the Carbon Orbs as you can along the way and keeping the air as clean as possible for all the BP Target Neutral Athletes.

Play the game and submit a score to show your support for the Target Neutral campaign and help BP bust 1million tonnes of Carbon Emissions!

Check out the game for yourself here.

Or maybe you want your very own branded game? Then get in touch:

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