The Gamification of Project Management

Project management (PM) can be both detailed and boring. No one says “Wow I need to look at my PM dashboard, it is so exciting!” That is why building game mechanics into RedCritter’s Tracker can make the boring more palatable.  Now most of the PMI certified project manager will hate me, but a few may just think this might be the right approach.

I had a follow-on briefing with Bill Rodgers recently, the CRO at RedCritter and one of its founders. Dave Gardner (another CSI Analyst) and I originally met Bill at the Gamification Summit a few weeks ago.  One of the other analysts here (Dave Gardner) was also on the call, and I also got some feedback on RedCritter from another trusted source.Although I have access to the tool, I have not yet had time to play with it (but I will). Tracker was originally set up to support agile development for project development teams, you can change the text labels and easily create templates that will allow it to work on any type of project.

The new version of BaseCampPivotal Tracker and Rally all offer more features, but more is not necessarily bette!.  As a matter of fact I advise lots of my collaboration vendor clients to make the product simpler and easy to use, as that was the most popular feature the last time we did a survey on collaborative feature popularity. Easy is defined by me “as being able to do anything in the product with 1-2 clicks.”  This drives developers crazy, as it is much easier for them to add a feature, than it is to make a tool easy to use. I don’t only mean making a better UI, but thinking through the whole tool, navigation, displays, use cases, etc. I believe you have to start out with the “easy” goal in mind; it is not something you can bolt on later. 

by David Coleman, MD of Collaborative Strategies

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Cosmic Clean

 A game called Cosmic Clean made for Phillips by Matmi on Red Critter

► We have been using this software for getting on a year now and have found it to be a great success. It’s quite amusing to hear the developers in the background compete for points. If you are looking for an agile based project management tool with a twist, I recomend you check it out.

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