Staff Feature - Rob’s favourite artists

[Looking good there Rob!]

This week we sit down with one of our talented artists and get a glimpse into where some of his inspiration stems from.

So without further adieu, here are Rob’s top 5 artists.


I’ve been a massive fan of Jeremy Fish for many years now. I love the surreal nature of his work, so much so I even got some tattooed on me.

He also has an amazing beard!


Another great artist. I first came across his work on a trip to San Francisco where I saw some of his street art in and around Fillmore Street where the Upper Playground store is. I particularly like his mixing of surreal and oriental vibes.


What can I say about Craola. His work is unbelievable….That dude can paint!!! I really love the dark undertones his pieces have. Making fairytale style imagery but with a really sinister side. Fantastic stuff.


Scien & Klor are both awesome Graffiti Writers and Graphic Designers. They mix it up so well, bringing their street vibes into mainstream commercial graphics.

Amy Sol 

I love her whimsical Japanese folk art work. I like her use of acrylic on wood which gives her prints added texture.

So Rob, how did you get into graphic design?

I’ve always been drawing since I was a wee little nipper. As soon as we finally got a proper computer, replacing the old BBC Micro we had, I started drawing and creating graphics on it.

At 17, I managed to get a job with legendary gaming company Ocean Software in Manchester as a Trainee 3D Artist. This was my first “proper job” and first dip into the graphics industry.

After leaving Ocean I worked as a Graphic Designer at many different outfits developing my skills over the years until I finally came full circle and arrived at Matmi. Now I’m back making games again and loving it. Creating graphics, characters etc is in my blood.

I’m just lucky I guess that I get paid for doing something I love.

A big thanks to Rob for sitting down with me and letting us see a little of what inspires him creatively. Rob [and the rest of the Matmi team] is extremely passionate about what he does and this shines through all of his art work. 

If you are looking for a reboot of your brand design or update your website or maybe looking for a branded game (online or mobile) then get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

For more information on what Matmi can do for your digital design needs:

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