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Gamification has become the digital industry buzz word of 2012, and as this year draws to a close we take a look at the recent developments in this area and what’s in store for 2013.

 Gamification has been ranked at number 4 in the Top Digital Marketing trends of 2012, however according to Gamification Co , the phenomenon has seen a slight dip in its popularity due to over inflation from hype and expectations. Due this over inflation and hype many people think that simply adding game elements to something will automatically increase brand engagement and brand loyalty for the end user. However this is not the case and to ensure that Gamification doesn’t lose its mass appeal and popularity in 2013 developers need to take on board certain points . To read more about these points visit


Despite this slight dip in popularity Gamification is being adopted by a number of industries that you wouldn’t normally associate games with, for example health and fashion. Matmi have been one of the largest supporters for what gamified products can do for brands and other walks of life. To take one example, in healthcare Gamification can aid the administration of medication and even encourage people to exercise and eat healthily.

 We are currently working on a project for one of the largest universities in the country developing an education platform incorporating many aspects of the gamification theory. Using games in education to aid learning is nothing new. It is well documented that they can help children develop a positive attitude towards learning and improve attention spans. Matmi are transferring these benefits into the digital space allowing both educator, parent and pupil to be involved in not only the learning process but also track the pupils progress. E-learning software has a long way to come to truly meet its potential and Matmi hope to start to take it to the next level (*ding* 10 points).

As for the future, research suggests that by 2015 50% of organizations will gamify their innovation processes, it has also been suggested that Gamification will become an integrated part of businesses rather than a separate entity. It will impact almost every industry and every consumer segment that exists today. Mobile platform Gamification is expected to increase 90% by 2017 with the whole Gamification market being worth $3.6 billion in total. Perhaps because of this research has shown that demand for employees with Gamification skills and knowledge has shot up by 293% from 2011. In 2012 a number of major brands integrated Gamification into their marketing strategies including MTV, Nike and Expedia.

 Gamification may have seen a dip in popularity recently but we can safely say that it will continue to be a key area to consider for those in the digital industry in 2013. 

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