“Do I need to know how to code?” is a question that comes up with sure-fire consistency in design circles. I’ve seen it asked by so many, from uncertain design students in classrooms worried about their chances of landing a job, to seasoned professionals at conferences seeing…

►Mini Matmian:

In my humble opinion I must say “YES” designers should learn the basics of coding if you want to be a fully rounded web designer. Not only is it just a useful skill to have but understanding the code behind the visuals will help you in your future design process.  

And if you are working in a team with others doing the actual detailed front end/back end coding, they will love you even more for understanding their process :)

There are many great tutorials out there aimed at designers learning website code. For you print desingers, “ Don’t Fear the Internet" is a great place to start.

I’m not talking about hard core PHP, C#/ASP etc coding but a basic HTML+CSS (and maybe a bit of simple JQuery) would be extremely helpful…in my personal opinion.

However, I could be biased; corrupted and coerced over time by the programmers I have regular contact with. I also work with some talented designers who have a good understanding and are skilled in coding themselves. Ah, how spoilt I am :)

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