Google’s Chrome Frame for IE ready for prime time!

Google Chrome For IE

Google’s Chrome Frame enables users of old versions of IE to run Chrome within Internet Explorer…and now it can be installed without admin privileges.

A couple years ago, Google had an interesting idea: what if we could make an embeddable version of the Chrome browser that could run within older versions of Internet Explorer? Thus,Chrome Frame was born: the browser add-on brings all the HTML5, JavaScript performance, and modern standards capabilities of the Chrome browser to older versions of Internet Explorer. Chrome Frame offers a workable solution for for companies and organizations that are still stuck on (say) Internet Explorer 6 but who need to tap into things like Google Docs and other services that have dropped support for older versions of Internet Explorer.

However, one problem with Chrome Frame is that it required administrator privileges to install—and if you’re in an environment that’s still mandating you use Internet Explorer 6, the odds are pretty good you’re also locked out of administrator mode on those Windows machines. So Google has been working on a version of Chrome Frame that can be installed without requiring administrative access—and now Google has promoted it from beta status to a stable release, and it’s available for free download.

Google says it will shortly roll out a change to the default Chrome Frame installer so it will run at Admin level by default, but will fall back to the Non-Admin mode if a user doesn’t have the necessary permissions—that way there will be a single installer anyone can use to install Chrome frame.

To invoke Chrome Frame, Web developers need to set a flag for it in their sites and services. At the moment, the primary services that support Chrome Frame are (naturally) Google’s own—for instance, Gmail prompts visitors using IE6 or IE7 to install Chrome Frame—but a number of third party sites and services have also added support for Chrome Frame rather than lock out people with older browsers.

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►Mini Matmian:

Ah the Google boffins are at it again! The Google Chrome Frame makes for a pretty picture. Very cool. HTML5 in old versions of IE. That will certainly help the uptake of the the HTML5 mark-up language. Another smart move by the Google Gang.

Although my advice to these IE 7 and below users would be simple…Time to upgrade your browsers - or switch to non-IE, HTML5 compliant browsers! (Yes, I know there are complicated reasons behind WHY certain networks remain on older versions of IE, particularly government based offices and yes, HTML5 has not quite finished it’s rounds within the W3C)

Anyway, something  to look out for is more and more HTML5 games/apps/canvas’ coming to your friendly neighbourhood website soon. Google certainly have the power, the know how, the resources and the user-base to push it. Google+ being but one avenue for them to really press home the advantage and showcase HTML5 games to a growing captive audience (whether that remains the case or whether Facebook wins that battle remains to be seen).HTML5 a Flash killer? Too early to tell (probably not quite). But I’m confident it will find it’s place and become an integral part of web development, which will including online games/web apps.  

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