Unity and Flash : a sneak peek.

Over the last few months here at Unity, we have been hard at work on, amongst many other cool things, the ability to publish from Unity to the Flash Player. This means that next to the already existing build targets of a Unity project, one will be able to target Flash with Stage3D, announced for Flash Player 11.

Since our initial announcement, there has been a great deal of interest and many people have questions on what Unity supporting Flash means. Today we lift the veil for a sneak peek.

A sneak preview

This video preview shows the Shadowgun game demo by Madfinger Games, a highly anticipated iOS & Android Unity built game. Except now, it is exported for and running in the Flash Player !While we are not quite ready to ship with Flash support yet, we just couldn’t resist sharing this video with you, as this has been a major milestone for us. We’ve taken the project, changed the build platform to Flash, hit build; magic happens…and the game runs in the Flash Player.

Performance is great and things are looking very promising. Keep in mind, this is a sneak peek; many things are still rough around the edges. Rest assured we are working hard to ship this, there is nobody who likes to see this in your hands as soon as possible more than we do.

►Mini Matmian:

The whole Flash / Unity debate has been raging for a while now (never mind HTML5 being added to the mix), as have the stories about Unity adding in the publishing to Flash functionality.

This sneak preview adds to the excitement of many Unity3D developers who have found the Unity browser plugin being a bit of barrier to the viral spread of a game.

Removing this barrier opens up all the Flash portals as avenues to place your fancy new Unity3D game. Very much looking forward to the release of this function.

Unity3D developers rejoice! 

Unity for Flash Developers

We are organizing a Flash day on September 27th, the day before the Unite conference, aimed at getting Flash developers up to speed with Unity development. On this day we’ll be showing and telling about the Flash support functionality and giving entry level overviews of Unity to get you started.

If you are a Flash developer or designer interested in getting started with Unity, this is a great kick-start to enjoy the Unite Conference following the days after.

If you are interested in learning more about our Flash support, meeting the Flash team at Unity, asking us questions about it or just look at the demos we’ll be showing, we are looking forward to see you there !

The Unity Flash day is free (please do register though), and right now, there are still tickets available for the Unite conference.

Can’t make it out for Flash day ? Sad panda ? Well, we have some good news ! Let us shed some light on our work with a sneak peek right now….it includes a video and it is the first time we are showing our work publicly.

Click to read the full article and see a list of features.

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