Celebrating Nivea’s centenary

Mementos of Closeness InGame

There’s nothing old and wrinkly about this competition game release for Nivea!

Taking the brand’s “Feeling closer” theme, we developed a concept around mementos – objects with emotional value that we often associate with friends, places and good times. “Mementos of Closeness” is the result – a 5-level game set in various locations around the UK featuring short, fun Nivea advertising clips that subtlely reinforce the brand’s presence during play.

Players need to collect at least 10 mementos in each level to progress – everything from gas stoves and powder puffs to rubber ducks and guitars! You may find the odd Nivea product lurking in the scenery too… (we figured that was OK; it’s their game after all).

Nivea sponsors ITV’s “This Morning” show which is our 3rd encounter with the broadcaster (“Colour of Money” and “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!”). People are going to start talking soon…..

Talking of which: “Mementos of Closeness” is a competition game and closes on 30th November so get on there and get playing! You can win an exclusive tour of the “This Morning” studio or one of 50 Nivea goodie bags – which has got to be good on the run up to Christmas (ugh, sorry, did I really just say that word?)

Anyway! Over to you and if you like the game, don’t forget to pass it on to your friends through Facebook and twitter. Big thanks to the guys at Nivea and ITV – and good luck to all players! The marvellous Matmians can’t enter the competition – which is a shame for our girlfriends but good news for you.

Enjoy, Stewart.

Philip’s toothbrushes go for the Cosmic Clean!

Play Cosmic Clean

We’re used to surprising other people with the player stats for our releases, but it’s not often that we knock ourselves out.

Released in 2009, “Brilliant Brushers” is one of our simplest games, but has been a jaw-dropping success. Aimed at 4 – 11 year olds and their parents with a dental hygiene message wrapped up in a fun way, it has had over 18 million plays lasting almost 7 minutes each on average. Wow! That is simply breath-taking.

Created for Philips to promote its Sonicare range of toothbrushes for kids, “Brilliant Brushers” now has a sequel in this year’s release of “Cosmic Clean”. Featuring our hero of the pearly whites, Sonic Simon, and his sidekick Sonic Sophie, the daring dental duo take off for a 3 level game to spread good dental hygiene habits throughout the cosmos. The aliens of the Moons of Molar, Planet Plaque and Comet Canine are in for a toothy treat!

In all seriousness though, fun and simplicity are not to be sneezed at as successful game mechanics. And if Matmi helps spread the word about good dental hygiene for a few million kids and parents around the globe, we can live with that.

Game on! Stewart.

Taking a Twix twist on Brickbreaker

Play Twix FeedBreaker Game

After a great meeting with the good folks at TBWA New York during our trip earlier this year, we were delighted to get a call asking us to get involved in producing a series of games for the iconic Twix brand.

Twix, meaning “twins sticks” (hey, we know our stuff, y’know) has been around since 1979 and its current branding revolves around “Take a pause like you mean it”. Using this as our theme, we created a game concept based on the equally iconic game, Brickbreaker, and gave it a Twix twist.

Feedbreaker” features 10 increasingly difficult levels, where using the Twix bars as your paddle, you break the bricks, catch power-ups, avoid the power-downs, enjoy the techno music (mostly) and send swag to your friends on Facebook so they’ve got power-ups ready for when they play. You may find your friends’ faces appearing randomly on the bricks as well which feels slightly bizarre – but the bricks make great noises when they break, so we reckon it’s all fine!

Games.com gave us a great review which bodes well for the next release, so standby for more classic chocolately fun!


Floury fun at Genesis Crafty

Knead For Speed Game

Northern Ireland’s favourite craft baker, Genesis Crafty, has been expanding into the UK in the last year, striking major deals for its glorious breads and cakes with Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. Already a social media savvy brand, they asked Matmi and their advertising agency Brandhouse, to create an advergame to help ‘spread the word’ in the UK.

We were delighted to oblige – especially when we realised that the 6 brother bakers and the brand were almost as quirky as Matmi. Having immortalised themselves as stickmen bakers, it was a joy to place the baking brothers in a frenetic flurry of floury fun gaming, stretching players’ baking (and multi-tasking) skills to the max!

Knead for Speed” is a bake-off of epic proportions where quality is key – just as at Genesis Crafty itself. Leaving the dough for too long, missing a step or forgetting to take cakes out of the oven makes sorry spoils that eat into players’ scores. But baking the right number of cakes and breads perfectly in each level accumulates a well raised result!

Players can post the scores they’re proud of to the global leaderboard – or challenge friends through Facebook and create their very own high score table. The game can be shared over twitter too, and the top scoring Bread Heads can even send a gift or redeem a voucher to buy Genesis Crafty’s gorgeous goods.

So will you use your loaf or become a gluten for punishment? (And we’ve got plenty more bread-based puns on hand, so I suggest you leave now while the going’s good!)

Have bagels of fun, Stewart.

Play ‘Iron Out’ and steam your way to victory!

‘Iron Out –the game’ puts you in control of a steam powered iron.

Avoid obstacles by either skirting round them or take to the air with the PerfectCare iron.   Collect power-ups to help you iron out life’s hassles and steam your way to victory in this frantic distance game.  

How long can you keep flattening those creases?

To play go here:

http://apps.facebook.com/ironout/ or http://www.ironoutthegame.co.uk/

Branded game of the week: Genesis Crafty - Cream Blog

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"If you last week’s offering from Berghaus was tricky, then nothing will prepare you for this brilliantly frustrating Facebook game from Genesis Crafty."  

How does the brand fit? 

"Genesis Crafty is strong on its friendly, quirky image, not a million miles away from Innocent drinks, and this is perfectly complemented by the fun, childlike images in the game. "

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Matmi New Media Ltd presents Make A Save

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Make A Save

A great, addictive penalty shoot-out game!  

Try to stop as many balls as possible over 7 rounds of 5 penalty kicks. Control the goalie with your mouse. Click on him, drag and release your mouse in the direction you want him to jump. Watch out for curve balls and different ASDA products used as footballs.

►Matmi Comments: “Our Make A Save game for Asda has a unique CTR of over 21%. This is off 1.7 million plays over the last 12 months. Anyone who needs new ways of getting results for their clients, why on Earth haven’t you got in touch yet! ;) ” ^SM