Apponomics: The World of Mobile Apps

 Makes for interesting reading!


Apponomics: The World of Mobile Apps

 Makes for interesting reading!

Share of iOS and Android Revenues in the US

Share of iOS and Android Revenues in the US


Share of iOS and Android Revenues in the US

The graph includes data from the top 200 grossing games in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Newzoo  the market research firm behind the study  also notes that in three months, the Kindle Fire has doubled Android’s share of revenues in the US compared to European countries. 

That sounds impressive, but that’s where I get lost. Or at least some of my trust. Amazon has its own Appstore for the Kindle Fire, right? I thought that Kindle Fire users needed to sideload Google Play apps, and I can’t imagine sideloaders having a great impact on the market. So what’s up and what’s down, what’s in and what’s not?

Source: Newzoo

Apple Announces New iPad with Retina Display and 4G

The iPad3 cometh!

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So here we go again. The Apple hype builds up to a crescendo. Look out people, the iPad3 is upon us! 

Will you be crawling over the crowds to get your hands on an iPad 3? 

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More on how Apple TV revolution will be televised: “Appified TV”

Two new reports Wednesday added to speculation about how Apple Inc. might seek to revolutionize the television this year. … Piper Jaffrey analyst Gene Munster, who has been predicting Apple’s entry into the TV market since 2009, laid out three broad scenarios on how it could do that.

In one, users would buy and hook up a device to their existing TV, which doesn’t seem like that much of a revolution since Tivo and Google TV already have a similar setup. But Munster calls this the ‘easiest and most likely option.’

The second involves Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) offering access to live TV from network channels combined with some other Web-based video services, ‘appifying’ the TV for content providers. The third has Apple offering monthly subscriptions to live TV packages with content from content providers.   

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Apple’s Newsstand Is Already Booming For Magazine Publishers


Exact Editions downloads

Early indications are that Apple’s new iOS features for publishers have had an immediate beneficial impact.

  • Exact Editions, which says it made about 10 percent of the Newsstand app titles on iTunes Store, says downloads of freemium sample editions jumped by 14x in just a few days, whilst some titles’ actual sales have more than doubled.
  • Consumer magazine publisher Future says free container apps for its titles were downloaded two million times in three days and reports “consumer spending well in excess of normal monthly revenues”. “Future has sold more digital editions in the past four days through Apple’s Newsstand than in a normal month,” says UK CEO Mark Wood.

Although Future’s numbers have rocketed, this does not represent the “750 percent increase” being cited in some reports, which do not compare like with like. That is because, until last week, most of Future’s digital editions were not actually available as apps, only through Zinio’s newsstand.

On the same day Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) launched Newsstand, Future also pushed some 55 of these editions outside Zinio to iTunes Store as individual iOS apps. In other words, for Future, this is the difference between Zinio and iTunes Store rather than between pre- and post-Newsstand.

Even so, Newsstand’s features (automatic edition downloading, a dedicated publications folder and a new section of iTunes Store) were absolutely part of Future’s strategy in doing so. And it is so far reaping rewards.

►Mini Matmian:

Impressive growth. Whether it’s more of a spike or can be maintained (at least plateau at a higher level) remains to be seen. Personally, I too have turned to digital versions of publications more and more since I bought a tablet. 

Adobe Reader App Lands On iPhone and iPad

Adobe Reader App Lands On iPhone and iPad

Adobe is porting the Adobe Reader software experience over to Apple mobile devices Monday with the release of Adobe Reader for iOS.

Adobe Reader for iOS will enable users to view, access, interact with, share and print PDF files wirelessly (via AirPrint) from their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

“Now you can quickly and efficiently view the widest range of PDF file type — including PDF Portfolios, password-protected PDF documents and Adobe LiveCycle rights-managed PDF files,” explains Anuj Gupta, Adobe project manager.

Once installed, you can use the app [iTunes link] to open PDF files from any other application, including email, that supports the “Open In…” action. You also can read text annotations, search text, zoom in on text or images, navigate large documents via thumbnails and copy text to the clipboard.

This marks Adobe’s first official version of Reader for iOS devices. The app works with iOS 4.2.5 and later versions. Adobe Reader for Android was released in May 2010. The company is releasing version 10.1 Monday to keep the two apps on par with each other.

►Mini Matmian:

Sure this will please a few Apple mobile users. About time too.