Matmi’s 10 Favourite Social Media Tools

Being a digital agency and existing pretty much entirely online, social media is obviously important to us. We use it regularly not only for marketing/PR purposes but also to keep up to date with latest developments in the industry and chatting to our fellow digital peers.

So we thought we would share our 10 most used tools that help us manage the ever expanding social media world.

  1. Hootsuite ( - A fantastic tool (available as an online dashboard and an app) for managing Twitter, Facebook and linkedIn. There is also support for tumblr, YouTube and Flickr but the functionality is not quite there compared to it’s use of Twitter. Hootsuite is fantastic for scheduling posts, keeping an eye on multiple lists/streams and discovering content.
  2. Follow Friday Helper ( - This provides an at a glance view of who has been actively engaged with your Twitter content and who you have found most helpful that week. It’s an easy and simple way of seeing who you might want to thank or recommend on Twitter.
  3. ( - Just about everyone knows of this little URL shortener, but can be so much more. It is a great tool for tracking and analysing URL clicks. This can aid you with content performance indicators. It enables users to see which source (eg Facebook, LinkiedIn, direct) is most effective in engaging others. You can also analyse the times your content is viewed and adapt accordingly. 
  4. BufferApp ( - This clever app, which is installed as a browser plugin, makes it easier to share content found whilst on your daily surfing of the net to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook through just a few clicks. You can pick times for when this content will be shared. This allows the user to queue up as many articles as they like, knowing they will be spread out evenly across the day based on the timings they chose.
  5. Social Oomph ( - There are many things you can use Social Oomph for but one of the most useful functions is the automated DM’s. If you are finding keeping on top of new followers and trying to make sure you contact each one when they start following you, then this is the tool you need.
  6. Tweepi ( - Great for managing Twitter followers and followed lists. Enables users to clean up your following list with ease based on whatever criteria you deem important (e.g. Klout score, follwing back, regularity of tweets etc.). It can also be extremely useful for finding new and interesting people to follow.
  7. ( - Not so much a tool but more a social network of it’s own. However, I have included it for a couple of reasons. First, it is great for finding content and building specific content curated topics. Second, it allows you to easily share articles to twitter, facebook, linkedIn and tumblr. The posting to tumblr functionality is my favourite aspect. 
  8. Listorious (www.listorious) - A simple site that helps you find relevant lists for you/your industry.
  9. Google Alerts ( - Fantastic and easy way to track/find content based on keywords you set. You can use it to find articles relating to specific subjects or to keep an eye out on any mentions across the web of you/your company.
  10. ( - Not a fan of google alerts? Then maybe you’d prefer this site. You can set-up ‘’ topics based on keywords. will then crawl the web for articles relating to those topics. A great way of finding up to date and relevant content to share.

That’s it. Matmi’s favourite 10 social media tools. It’s by far not the be all and end all of tools out there but they are the ones we most regularly use. If you use a social media tool  you think is the best thing since sliced bread, let us know. 

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Gamification in Education

Gamification in Eduction, image by Matmi

Mini Matmian:
The use of Gamification techniques within education is not on the horizon…it is already here. 6 months ago I highlighted the fact that the work teachers have been doing in classrooms across the globe for many years could easily be seen as a form of non-digital Gamification. 

The very practice of stickers, group leader-boards and reward systems that are already in place in so many primary school classrooms is already, in part, a form of gamification …

I then went on to mention how digital media could be used to augment the education process:

…add a bespoke system that also incorporates digital media (yes games are part of it) for multiple purposes that not only serve the individual pupil but also provide an accurate and easy way of tracking progress [for teachers) can only benefit the whole school environment.

All those many months ago I kept it brief. My experience as a former teacher meant that the topic was close to my heart and I knew that if I didn’t reign in my key-tapping fingers I would end up with a 3000 word essay.

As a supporter of the good gamification techniques can bring, I wanted to make one thing absolutely clear:

Sticking the same API or just shoe-horning badges in is NOT taking advantage of the power of game mechanics. 

I mention this now because an article on caught my attention. It was about a company in Singapore who have developed an educational application that takes advantage of gamification techniques and mobile technology.

The company in question is called Trial Shuttle and the application they have developed “…lets students direct their own learning programs.” As I had said before, this is key. 

Trail Shuttle promotes self-directed learning via individualized, experiential paths.

Three components, in turn, are involved to make that goal possible: a Web-based toolkit for creating learning programs as well as a mobile app that allows students to explore and experience those programs and a monitoring app that lets teachers track students’ progress. Included in the mobile app for students are an augmented reality way-finder and code scanner; quizzes to test the student’s learning; chat capabilities; and the ability to check in at “hotspots” and complete specific tasks,

via PSFK

There are a few tools out there now that try to add digital gamification into education but this one is the first I have seen that not only puts the focus on the individual as a learner, gets them exploring the real world, allows teachers to track their progress and is cross-platform (please leave a comment if you know of any other software that does the same thing. SquareCrumbs is close but is iPad only).

It seems the Singaporean education system is happily embracing gamification and technology full force. On an ego boosting note, it is gratifying to see that the Matmi thought lab is still keeping up with (and at times ahead of) digital trends.

Let us know how you feel about gamifying education.

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Tough week, fairytale ending at the DADIs

Matmi’s had an interesting experience this week and, in my opinion, we’re better off for it.

We got knocked back at three award presentations this week – and maybe we deserved it for getting a bit too big for our boots. 10 years in, most successful year yet, some great new clients and releases, nominations at The Webbys and Cannes Lions on our 1st attempts, blah blah. Had we started to believe our own publicity? Every marketing/PR person will tell you that’s a very dangerous thing, so I’m glad we were pulled up short.

It made winning Digital Agency of the Year at the DADI Awards last night very special indeed (yes, 4 award ceremonies in a week is a new one on us too). And to see Optathlon (United Airlines) pick up another win in the DADI’s Travel category was a fantastic pat-on-the-back for the team.

When Richard Draycott (MC’ing at the time) described the winner being in a ‘humble location” my heart started beating a little faster, and when he said “specialists in branded entertainment” it started to pound so that by the time I heard him say “And the winner is ….. Matmi!” I thought the whole audience would be able to see my heart about to leave my chest. The adrenalin rush kicked in and by the time I returned to Table 24, I was shaking like a leaf!

A monstrous Thank You

Guys, girls, everyone who voted for us, a monstrous thank you from the stunned and amazed Matmians of Macclesfield (that previously unknown centre of the universe). Thank you to Table 24 (LBi, BJL & The Drum) for your great company – let’s do it again soon, please. And thank you to everyone at The Drum and the judges of the DADI Awards for your obvious passion for digital marketing, and all the hard work that made last night’s awards ceremony the resounding hit that it was.

From a few over-awed Matmians, I can safely say it’s been a tough week with a fairytale ending which our CEO, Jeff Coghlan, should have been there to see in person, but duty called.

I hope we can live up to our voters’ expectations in Matmi’s second decade, should we work hard enough and be fortunate enough to be writing blogs (or whatever the 2021 incarnation is) by then.

From a very excited team of Matmians, enjoy. Penny

PS. A few quick messages: Ian & Bobby @ Lost Boys – enjoy LBK (Life Before Kids) while you can & all the best for next Spring’s arrivals. Richard – thank you for the name checks (which I’m sure I didn’t deserve) and when I’ve finished the first book, I’ll make you read it . James – JFDI and so will I. Lines ends, over & out.


Using The iPad As A Digital Whiteboard (Plus 4 Cool Free Apps To Try It Out)

Via - PC, Console and Mobile Gaming

There are some nice free Digital Whiteboards apps available for the iPad. Free rocks.
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►Mini Matmian

I love these Apps. Fun to use and handy to have. Plus they are free. So what’s not to like :)