Matmi join the Creative England Board

For those who have not heard of Creative England:

We are a national agency that invests in and supports ideas, talent and businesses in film, TV, games and digital media. They aim to grow the brightest, the best, and those with the most promise so that individuals and businesses can achieve their full creative and commercial potential. We help identify future opportunities to grow the economy and generate jobs. 

With offices in Salford, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham and Elstree, we are a national agency with strong local and regional links.

It is a fantastic idea and Jeff (Matmi MD) is lucky enough and honoured to be part of the Creative England board.

Creative England’s Chief Executive, Caroline Norbury, said: “Jeff joins us at a particularly exciting time. The worlds of film, television and digital media are converging at an ever greater pace, opening up hitherto unforeseen opportunities for innovative digital companies to grow. It is fantastic for us to have someone with Jeff’s experience on the board so that we can shape our support to offer these SMEs the help they need to realise their creative ambitions.”

For more information on the team and the type of funding/support on offer, visit the Creative England website and look out for upcoming events.

Fun Friday - Online Games!

Matmi Crew’s Top 5 Online Games of the Month

Being a digital media company , the Matmi staff are partial to an online game or two.

Here are Matmi’s favourite online games for this month.

1. GIRP -

Online climbing simulation - very addictive!

"Possibly the hardest climbing simulation ever!" (MP) 

2. Runescape -

Medieval Fantasy game enabling users to play along with millions of others in the worlds biggest online adventure.

Really addictive, and I like chopping down trees and setting fire to things!” (JW)

3.Miniclip Pool -

Multi- Player online pool enabling you to play against others.

" It’s just dead good,the multi-player works really well and most of all its simple and addictive" (SM)

4. Guild Wars -

3D Fantasy online game 

" The art is really good , and the concept art is good also" (JG)

5. Team Fortress -

3D online game 

" The art style and the character style are really good! " (ML)

Pinterest Pins Referral Traffic

A recent study by Shareholic showed that by January 2012, the percentage of total referral traffic from Pinterest beat YouTube, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn and MySpace…..

The Mega Companies Behind 90% Of Media

The media landscape is dominated by a mere six companies. Should we be worried?  

"Frugal Dad—the same company behind a Walmart infographic—took it upon themselves to show exactly how concentrated our media landscape actually is.”


The Return of Real-Time Social Environments

Via - New Digital Media

The last few months have seen an explosive resurgence in real-time environments, last popular in the late ’90s. The interesting thing is that this new zeitgeist seems to have taken root in multiple places within the space of a few short weeks.   I’ve seen this all before: I was one of the founders of an avatar chat company called The Palace, Inc. back in 1995. Although quite popular (10 million users at its peak in 1998), The Palace never found a revenue stream that worked. As Jake Winebaum once told me, Palace was a phenomenon, not a business. He was right. But that was then, and this is now.

The New Real-Time Landscape

Let’s examine a few examples. Avatar-based chat room Shaker took the gold two weeks ago at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference. Created as a Facebook app, Shaker lets users enter an isometric environment that resembles a bar. You can see and interact with other fully articulated avatars that look like mannequins. Users can chat, dance, give other users virtual drinks, see which of your Facebook friends are nearby and invite them to join the party. There is no “point” to Shaker interaction; it’s simply fun and engaging.

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The Year of Awards rolls on…

Matmi have had a fantastic year so far regarding recognition for our work.

We have won at events such as The Big Chip Awards, The Digi Awards, How-Do Awards, nominated for Best Use Of Games at the Cannes Lions and received a special honoree mention at the Webby Awards (first time of entering too). Enough awards to make the little Matmian eyes pop.

And our run keeps on going. Only last week we were nominated for a BIMA award for our work on the Optathlon Campaign

However, that was not the end of our amazing week. Our chief Matmian Jeff Coghlan was nominated at the DADIs for ‘Individual Of The Year’ (fear not, my fellow Matmians shall keep his feet on the ground). Matmi itself was also nominated for ‘Agency of the Year’. We are all obviously very proud of the work we do but it’s always nice to be recognised by others.

The winners of the DADI awards are based on an open vote. If you feel the Matmians and their ever-so humble leader Jeff Coghlan deserve this recognition, you can vote here:

If you need some persuading, check out our some of our latest work:

Matmi need your vote!

Thank you for listening to this self-promotion. Your regularly scheduled updates will continue shortly 8¬) 

Mini Matmian.

The Case For Advertising


The growth of online advertising has been enormous in the last ten years, and now it makes up a significant portion of all advertising worldwide. Most top tier brands spend millions of dollars a month per digital platform, including search and cost-per-click advertising, like Google ads. Companies are also sinking major dollars into mobile advertising and social media marketing.
In business, there’s never a shortage of things to spend money on, and small businesses will always spend money differently than big businesses. With global brands, spending millions per year — or even per month — is a matter of course, whereas a small business must always be more conscious and demanding of advertising’s return.


… things have changed. What you may not know is that the whole process of digital advertising has a very low barrier to entry, cost-wise. In fact, the cost per impression with digital marketing is often cheaper than other kinds of media. Combined with the ability to measure what you’re doing, digital should be a first and best step for most small and medium businesses. If you’re going to spend any money on advertising at all, you have enough money to advertise in digital media and to hire an ad agency to do it right. 
You no longer have to spend millions to get in the game. It is possible for you to have fresh, creative ad campaigns with incredibly efficient deployments for your business. What’s more: You really should. It is impossible for you to be objective about your own message and image. Ask for help and get started, and soon enough you’ll be getting in front of the people who are already looking for you, and you’ll know exactly what it cost to make that happen.

Matmi are here to help…so what are you waiting for? Get in touch and let us help your business grow.

[thanks to SwashLabs for putting forward another great case for digital advertising]

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