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How high can you fly?

Bounce from mileage bubble to mileage bubble to fly as high as you can. Visit various cities around the world en-route and ‘bee’ careful to avoid those pesky bees!

With a plethora of bonus bubbles to help (or occasionally hinder!) you on your way, this game will have you bouncing for days!

Be warned! This game is dangerously addictive!

Mileage Ace

Check it out for yourself.

[A game developed by Matmi in partnership with BD’M for United Airlines]

Cosmic Clean - A Teeth Whitening Adventure!

A follow up to the hugely successful advergame ‘Brilliant Brushers

Another fantastic Flash game by Matmi.

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Knead for Speed - A Flash Game

The time for low IQ gaming has gone. So whip out your baptops and start baking… Warning - this is probably the most crustating game you’ll ever play.

Bake your way to glory in “Knead for Speed”..Test your Time-management skills in this flash game


Genesis Crafty: Knead for Speed

One of Matmi’s latest Flash games