Staff Feature - Rob’s favourite artists

[Looking good there Rob!]

This week we sit down with one of our talented artists and get a glimpse into where some of his inspiration stems from.

So without further adieu, here are Rob’s top 5 artists.


I’ve been a massive fan of Jeremy Fish for many years now. I love the surreal nature of his work, so much so I even got some tattooed on me.

He also has an amazing beard!


Another great artist. I first came across his work on a trip to San Francisco where I saw some of his street art in and around Fillmore Street where the Upper Playground store is. I particularly like his mixing of surreal and oriental vibes.


What can I say about Craola. His work is unbelievable….That dude can paint!!! I really love the dark undertones his pieces have. Making fairytale style imagery but with a really sinister side. Fantastic stuff.


Scien & Klor are both awesome Graffiti Writers and Graphic Designers. They mix it up so well, bringing their street vibes into mainstream commercial graphics.

Amy Sol 

I love her whimsical Japanese folk art work. I like her use of acrylic on wood which gives her prints added texture.

So Rob, how did you get into graphic design?

I’ve always been drawing since I was a wee little nipper. As soon as we finally got a proper computer, replacing the old BBC Micro we had, I started drawing and creating graphics on it.

At 17, I managed to get a job with legendary gaming company Ocean Software in Manchester as a Trainee 3D Artist. This was my first “proper job” and first dip into the graphics industry.

After leaving Ocean I worked as a Graphic Designer at many different outfits developing my skills over the years until I finally came full circle and arrived at Matmi. Now I’m back making games again and loving it. Creating graphics, characters etc is in my blood.

I’m just lucky I guess that I get paid for doing something I love.

A big thanks to Rob for sitting down with me and letting us see a little of what inspires him creatively. Rob [and the rest of the Matmi team] is extremely passionate about what he does and this shines through all of his art work. 

If you are looking for a reboot of your brand design or update your website or maybe looking for a branded game (online or mobile) then get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

For more information on what Matmi can do for your digital design needs:

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A look at the all new Monster Pinball HD

Matmi have completely revamped our award winning app ‘Monster Pinball’. See the fun filled, monster mobbed game in all it’s HD glory. 

Monster Pinball HD has had every graphic completely redone and updated from scratch to bring the new high definition artwork to life. 

Here is just some of the key features in this new HD version:

  • An all new Achievements section with 29 of its own new goals has been added.
  • An all new single table mode is now set as 6 of the achievements. Achieve the goal on a given table and you can then select to only play on that table.
  • Integration with Game Centre on iOS
  • New table goals added with in play achievement activations.
  • iPhone 4+ retina display compatible.
  • iPhone 5 compatible with in play features.
  • Specifically designed for Windows 7+, iPad (both landscape and portrait) and Android devices including tablets. 

Due to be available on iOS, Android and Windows 7+ late 2012.

Until then, check out the new video:

Matmi Gives Nivea Game a HTML5 Upgrade

Matmi have just launched an updated HTML5 version of the “Mementos of Closeness game for our friends over at Nivea and ITV. 

We were asked to update the previous flash version of the popular hidden objects game that we created last year adding a new colourful jubilee themed level for 2012. 

The thinking behind the HTML5 conversion was to use the new technology to enable the game to be played on ipad and across multiple platforms; this not only increased the brand reach but also gave us the chance to carry out our first Html5 conversion.

Apple, Microsoft, Google, Mozilla - four of the largest tech companies are actively pushing HTML5 in all areas, including gaming. More importantly, their products account for 97% of browser usage.

- Gamasutra

Html5 is a big player with a bright future in the digital industry, but is still in its infancy…There is an argument to say that it will take over from Flash in the games arena but this remains to be seen.

With Unity3D throwing their hats into the platform ring again by adding the ability to export to Flash, this debate could go on for a while yet; and whilst the W3C still hasn’t come to agreement on the HTML standards -it’s certainly an interesting time for developers!

With Matmi’s strong standing in all of these platforms, we are ready to take on any challenge!

Santa vs Jack - Another Christmas based Matmi game

Another festive game from Matmi’s archive….

Deliver the fancy dress costumes before the time runs out! Watch out for Jack Frost.

Our first of 2 Christmas games for 2007. This game was our second one for Joker’s Masquerade ( Drop presents down the chimneys, delivering fancy dress costumes to all the kids. But look out for Jack Frost, he’ll pop up from time to time to give you grief! 



Matmi New Media Ltd presents Ho Ho Ho! Yellow Snow!

Our fastest ever moving viral / advergame! At one point this game was being played 5,000 times every minute! Its a game of join the dots, but it doesn’t involve a pen. A great festive game that really got everybody talking at Christmas 2007!

With the addition of a greetings card (where you can draw in the snow and email your message to a friend) this game has become an incredibly popular game. What a great use of adolescent humour! We’re all kids at heart. I dare you not to laugh at santa’s bum!


OR get the iPhone version. Ho Ho Ho! Yellow Snow! DELUXE Edition:


Matmi’s Elf iPhone App

Another MATMI classic:  

It’s Christmas morning and there’s magic in the air, enough to send an elf soaring into the stratosphere. While Santa’s away, Irving the Elf like nothing more than leaping skyward, stepping on stars and bouncing on baubles trying to get as high as he can! Build your boost and collect candy canes for a point bonus while you help Irving hit the heavens, but watch out for the twisted tinsel, its pointy prickles will put a real crimp on your day.  

With all the looks and charm you’d expect from a Matmi game, Elf is simple enough that anyone can pick it up and play it, but addictive enough that you’ll be hooked all year round. Aim skyward as you challenge your friends via Facebook Connect and see who can send Irving the highest!  

Elf Features:

  • Amazing graphics and animations.
  • Unique sound effects in stereo.
  • Simple but addictive gameplay.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Local and Online scoreboards.
  • Facebook Connect so you can challenge all your friends.
  • Created specifically for the iPhone/iPod Touch by the wonderful minds of Matmi  




Get your groove on in ‘DanceStar Party’ time. Play through pumping tracks from the 80s, 90s and 00s. Check out the crazy outfits and dance!