It’s a paper thin world…

A side project from one of our very talented designers utilising the fantastic Unity3D along with Cinema 4D and Adobe Photoshop.

Here is Joe explaining the project:

I’m a designer, but I am trying to learn to code to help me understand the most efficient ways to provide assets to implemented in to a game when it comes to working alongside developers.

The game is designed around the concept of a procedurally generated world, all the trees, rocks, birds are all placed randomly everytime a new piece of land is drawn. I’m hoping to create a game in which the player can jump in and out for any given amount of time to provide an ever-changing experience which is tailored for both short bursts and long playing times. I don’t want to give too much away of the actual gameplay yet, but the character will definitely not be a cube!

Because of the limitations of mobile devices in terms of processing, I have decided to go for a really low-poly stylised environment. This perfectly suited the idea of everything being made of paper and appear to be handmade, I’m also creating all of the textures and models from scratch. 



Christopher Albeluhn, an unemployed game designer has recently created an incredibly app that allows you to explore the solar system and constellations in 3D.

The app is good example of Gamification: the use of game design techniques, game thinking and game mechanics to enhance non-game contexts.

Source: VentureBeat & Wikipedia

Adobe MAX sneak peek: Blitting for

Flash gaming across screens 

Via - New Digital Media

Blitting is a technique that allows you to rapidly draw bitmaps to a screen. This is one of the oldest techniques for displaying graphics on a screen and was used heavily in the 8bit and 16bit video game days. Even though this is an old technique, it doesn’t mean blitting still doesn’t apply to modern Flash development. Bitmap manipulation is incredibly fast in Flash and can be used to scroll large images, make games, or perform generative art. By harnessing the power of the Bitmap and BitmapData classes in the Flash Player, you can achieve incredible run time compositing.


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