2012: A Matmi Odyssey

2012 is closing in; as Matmi look forward to new and exciting projects for 2013, we’re taking a look at what has made the Matmi story special this year. 

Eating carrot cake with Warwick Davis is up there..then welcoming two new babies to the extended Matmi family (first christmas for Esme and Lily!), and some new faces; we have a new project manager (Ian) a new receptionist and social media assistant (Helen) and new developer (Tom) at matmi towers. There was some pretty crazy jet setting to San Francisco, Slovenia and more, and Jeff and Warwick’s talk at the Develop conference in Brighton was one to remember.. we have been pinball playing, going loopy at Alton Towers, breaking world records in big hairstyles, chanelling Zelda, getting closer to Nivea, turning 40…then there is Rollabear, who’s getting some finishing touches and ready to go live (whoop!)..finally a new website (thanks Rob, James and Nate - the most challenging project of the decade), deadlines and more deadlines, and some secret projects we STILL can’t mention (arrghhh!!) and finally, Jeff’s incredible appointment as a board member for Creative England. !

It’s been fun 2012, but we are all raring to go for 2013 now - with the amazing team of developers and designers we have inhouse who worked their pants off this year, we have high hopes for even bigger, more exciting projects in the new year and can’t wait to get started.

Meanwhile, mince pies, mulled wine, last minute christmas shopping and the big Christmas shindig on Friday night - christmas jumper themed - photos to follow (if they are fit to share)…

..and as a little christmas treat we have made ELF free on the app store  - enjoy !

Merry Christmas to you all and thanks for following - see you in 2013!

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Recent developments and the future of Gamification


Gamification has become the digital industry buzz word of 2012, and as this year draws to a close we take a look at the recent developments in this area and what’s in store for 2013.

 Gamification has been ranked at number 4 in the Top Digital Marketing trends of 2012, however according to Gamification Co , the phenomenon has seen a slight dip in its popularity due to over inflation from hype and expectations. Due this over inflation and hype many people think that simply adding game elements to something will automatically increase brand engagement and brand loyalty for the end user. However this is not the case and to ensure that Gamification doesn’t lose its mass appeal and popularity in 2013 developers need to take on board certain points . To read more about these points visit http://bit.ly/ZfQ1aS


Despite this slight dip in popularity Gamification is being adopted by a number of industries that you wouldn’t normally associate games with, for example health and fashion. Matmi have been one of the largest supporters for what gamified products can do for brands and other walks of life. To take one example, in healthcare Gamification can aid the administration of medication and even encourage people to exercise and eat healthily.

 We are currently working on a project for one of the largest universities in the country developing an education platform incorporating many aspects of the gamification theory. Using games in education to aid learning is nothing new. It is well documented that they can help children develop a positive attitude towards learning and improve attention spans. Matmi are transferring these benefits into the digital space allowing both educator, parent and pupil to be involved in not only the learning process but also track the pupils progress. E-learning software has a long way to come to truly meet its potential and Matmi hope to start to take it to the next level (*ding* 10 points).

As for the future, research suggests that by 2015 50% of organizations will gamify their innovation processes, it has also been suggested that Gamification will become an integrated part of businesses rather than a separate entity. It will impact almost every industry and every consumer segment that exists today. Mobile platform Gamification is expected to increase 90% by 2017 with the whole Gamification market being worth $3.6 billion in total. Perhaps because of this research has shown that demand for employees with Gamification skills and knowledge has shot up by 293% from 2011. In 2012 a number of major brands integrated Gamification into their marketing strategies including MTV, Nike and Expedia.

 Gamification may have seen a dip in popularity recently but we can safely say that it will continue to be a key area to consider for those in the digital industry in 2013. 

 Want to know more ? Check out Matmi CEO Jeff speaking on the Gamification Co Webshow… http://bit.ly/SR6rEl or contact us on:


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The Gamification of Project Management

Project management (PM) can be both detailed and boring. No one says “Wow I need to look at my PM dashboard, it is so exciting!” That is why building game mechanics into RedCritter’s Tracker can make the boring more palatable.  Now most of the PMI certified project manager will hate me, but a few may just think this might be the right approach.

I had a follow-on briefing with Bill Rodgers recently, the CRO at RedCritter and one of its founders. Dave Gardner (another CSI Analyst) and I originally met Bill at the Gamification Summit a few weeks ago.  One of the other analysts here (Dave Gardner) was also on the call, and I also got some feedback on RedCritter from another trusted source.Although I have access to the tool, I have not yet had time to play with it (but I will). Tracker was originally set up to support agile development for project development teams, you can change the text labels and easily create templates that will allow it to work on any type of project.

The new version of BaseCampPivotal Tracker and Rally all offer more features, but more is not necessarily bette!.  As a matter of fact I advise lots of my collaboration vendor clients to make the product simpler and easy to use, as that was the most popular feature the last time we did a survey on collaborative feature popularity. Easy is defined by me “as being able to do anything in the product with 1-2 clicks.”  This drives developers crazy, as it is much easier for them to add a feature, than it is to make a tool easy to use. I don’t only mean making a better UI, but thinking through the whole tool, navigation, displays, use cases, etc. I believe you have to start out with the “easy” goal in mind; it is not something you can bolt on later. 

by David Coleman, MD of Collaborative Strategies

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Cosmic Clean

 A game called Cosmic Clean made for Phillips by Matmi on Red Critter

► We have been using this software for getting on a year now and have found it to be a great success. It’s quite amusing to hear the developers in the background compete for points. If you are looking for an agile based project management tool with a twist, I recomend you check it out.

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26 Elements of a Gamification Marketing Strategy

Games are everywhere.

More and more businesses are using gamification to create brand awareness and drive user engagement.

Gartner, Inc. predicts that more than 70% of Global 2000 organizations will have at least one gamified application by 2014.

In the last few years, we’ve also seen an increase in the number of companies that deliver gamification services and solutions including BunchballBigDoor Media,Badgeville and Gigya.

“Gamification typically involves applying game design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging.”

Mini Matmian ►

A great breakdown of all the nuances you need to consider when applying Gamification to your marketing strategy.

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Gamification for Social Good? Surely not…

A new mobile app called FavorTreeis harnessing the competitive energy that makes online games like FarmVille successful and using it to fortify real-life communities.

FavorTree, which opened for pre-registration today, rewards users for sharing goods and services with their neighbors. Each time users do favors for their neighbors — like lending textbooks, giving rides to the airport, or helping with chores — their virtual “trees” gain fruit.

“Similar to Farmville, the more you help, the more your virtual tree grows,” says co-founder Micki Krimmel. “And the rewards extend beyond the virtual. Every time you help a neighbor, you are strengthening your local community.”

via http://www.forbes.com

Mini Matmi ►

A very interesting concept. We are fascinated to see how effective it becomes. 

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San Francisco!

Matmi jet setters James and Jeff were invited to attend the San Francisco Gamification Summit by our friends from RedCritter last week – we would like say a BIG thanks to Mike and Erika for looking after them and making it all possible, it was a great opportunity for Matmi to meet some of the big players in digital and do some serious Stateside networking with Sega, Unity and Microsoft.

The team at RedCritter invited Jeff to speak at the GSummit 2012, to discuss his thoughts and experiences with their brilliant gamified project management tool. We have been using RedCritter with great success internally for some time (see blog post) – so it was great to finally put faces to names and meet the guys who are behind this software, as well as checking out their newest ideas and meeting some great other companies and people in the industry.

Here are a few words from the big cheese himself about his State side experience:

“James and I really enjoyed our trip to San Francisco. It felt like a place of great opportunity, and it was brilliant to meet some of the brands we have always admired.

We loved visiting the SEGA offices, it was fantastic to meet the Sonic & Monkey ball team in person, we look forward to working with them soon. We also visited Unity3D headquarters and I’d like to thank Tracy who has been helping us with our latest projects; they seemed pretty impressed with what we had to show them and its been a great pleasure to work together. If you don’t use Unity3D to make games yet - you should!

The Gamification Summit was fab – there are some brilliant new companies and products entering the digital space. The USA seem to be leading the way in gamification; we met Bunchball, Big Door, Badgeville, Gabe Zichermann (author of “Gamification by Design) along with the head of start up’s at Microsoft who was really excited by the Red Critter software, as well as the work Matmi has produced. Amazing!

We bumped into the famed US rapper Chamionillaire, who has been working with Big Door, and offered to make him a Matmi game, watch this space…

I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone we met with over in San Francisco I hope this is the first of many trips, and the beginning of some great new creative partnerships!”

Jeff Coghlan, CEO

Finally, next week Jeff is speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton; we are really excited about this and hope to make it a talk with a bit of a twist…

Gamification within TV and the Media

Gamification or game dynamics is being more and more widely used as a viable marketing tool, which encourages customer engagement, customer loyalty and brand awareness. Gamification has expanded into the world of television and news media, with all kinds of media outlets such as TV shows and newspapers using it to track, engage with and ultimately retain their audiences.

Below are 4 examples of the successful use of Gamification within TV and the Media:

1.    The Bank Job – The new popular channel 4 show gives viewers the opportunity to play along live on their website whilst the show is on television. This no doubt enhances their viewing experience through participation and it also encourages viewer loyalty as audiences are encouraged to come back to the site again and again, to keep playing and those with the highest score earn the reward of the chance of appearing on the show. The addition of the game dynamics to the website makes the process of applying to appear on the show much more exciting than it would be filling in the standard application form. The site has been incredibly successful with  over 2 million game plays in its first month, and one keen viewer racked up 500 plays in one week!


2.    Daily Mail Reward Scheme – As part of these scheme Daily Mail readers are encouraged to purchase the Daily Mail on Saturday and Sunday every weekend. In the newspapers readers will be able to obtain a special code, which they can go online to the Daily Mail website and redeem for points.  These points can be collected each week and when a certain number of points is reached readers can then redeem these points for rewards including high street vouchers, cinema tickets and DVDs. There is no denying that this scheme enhances reader loyalty as readers are actively encouraged to purchase the paper week on week , and in addition to this by going online to redeem the points the number of hits on the Daily Mail website is also increased.


3.   Total Wipeout - Similar to The Bank Job , BBC show Total Wipeout’s website encourages  viewers to play an online version of the assault course on the TV  show in order to apply  to take part in the show. The viewers that complete the online course in the shortest time are then invited to the further stages of application process.  Once again the using gamifcation  as part of the application process enhances the experience and encourages loyalty from viewers who wish to take part in the show as they put their heart and souls into trying to get the fastest time!


4.       The Million Pound Drop - Another example of Gamifcation being put to good use is that of the Million Pound Drop. The show invites viewers to play along with the live show, answering the same questions that the contestants on the show are therefore engaging viewers more and enhancing their viewing experience. In addition to this the most successful viewers that play along online are offered the chance to be a contestant on the following weeks show. This creates loyalty for both the show and the website as viewers continue to play along every week in order to try and gain the highest score.


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