Is Google+ A Failure? [Infographic]

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So where is Google+ really headed? Is it a success, or is it a failure? Statistics usually tell a pretty accurate story; however, with Google+ it’s kind of hard to establish an opinion. It’s on the edge of both, and I could call it either one actually. The service is growing, but maybe not at the rate that Pinterest is. But at any time this could change, depending on what gets implemented and how they decide to play their cards. It is a new service that I know a lot of people are still acclimating themselves to. Just because Pinterest is gaining users faster than any socialnetworking service ever before doesn’t mean that comparing it to Google+ (since they have pretty much the same amount of pageviews now) makes the latter a failure.

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How to Create a Google+ Profile Banner in 5 Minutes

How to Create a Google+ Profile Banner in 5 Minutes | HTML and CSS Web Design |

In addition to setting up a Google+ page for your business and taking advantage of our handy Google+ tips and tricks, check out how to quickly and easily create a profile banner.

We’ve found a neat photo cropping tool that will help you create an eye-catching Google+ profile photo banner in five minutes.

So take a look through this simple gallery walkthrough. Link us in the comments to any creative uses of the Google+ photo banner you’ve seen — or better still, created on your own!


►Mini Matmian:

A nice, quick little tutorial to spice up your Google+ profile. I’d would love to see your attempts. Post screen-shots of your profile or a link.

Google +snippets May Have Impact on Search

Google+ Snippets



We’ve known since June that the +1 button on websites will have a direct effect on searches performed by Google contacts. We have also speculated that plusses will also have an influence over general, unauthenticated search results. Lastly, we’ve had a feeling that the similarities between the +1 buttons on websites and the Google+ social network meant a future convergence between search and social on Google.

Google’s release of sharing on Google+ through a website’s +1 button is further confirmation that Google is wanting their social component to be tied in with search. It’s not stated, but there are definite implications now and from past experience that Google has always loved the human component of search. Releasing +snippets is a step in that direction.

Onsite content and inbound links have been two of the primary algorithmic influences on search results for nearly a decade. Since late 2006, Google has toyed with applying social signals into the equation and announced in December that social signals were officially being used. This recent twist to the +1 buttons is the next step.

If you want to have an influence over your future search results, make sure that IF you’re a content site or have content on your website, be sure that the +1 buttons are in place. This is not a license to spam – pages that are not “share-worthy” should not plug in the buttons as there is speculation they can do more harm than good (if a page is simply not getting plussed, is it worth ranking?).

Google+ May Open Social Networking for Some K-12 Schools — THE Journal

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Thanks to granular privacy controls and a unique interface for controlled sharing, schools that have previously banned social networks are looking at Google+ as a viable alternative.
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Zuckerburg and Facebook

During the last two months since Google + launched Facebook has been pretty quiet (apart from the Skype video calling and new Messenger app) but all signs are that as early as this week they are about to roll out a whole series of new products and features to firmly reinforce their number one position.

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83 percent of Google+ users are inactive [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here are the survey results in handy infographic form (click to enlarge):

Google+ Inactive users Infographic


Now closing on its second month, the Google+ social networking platform has seen rapid growth — and lots of attention — in its short lifetime. But new research indicates that the lion’s share of Google+ users do not actually pitch in on the site very often, if at all.

Here are some interesting tidbits from data compiled by Bime Analytics, which polled a voluntary sample of more than 10 million Google+ users:

  • A silent majority exists — in a big way. The study found that a whopping 83 percent of Google+ users are currently classed as inactive. It bears mention, though, that other social networks have the same issue: A small portion of very active users, and a large silent majority of lurkers or just plain inactive accounts. For example, research indicates that 80 percent of Twitter users have Tweeted fewer than 10 lines, and 40 percent of users have never sent a single Tweet.
  • Students are taking over. As of mid-August, the dominant occupation for Google+ users was “student.” That’s a big shift from the month prior, when the dominant occupation was “engineer.”
  • It’s still a man’s world. The percentage of female users was 30 percent, a slight increase from the month prior when women made up 28 percent of Google+’s user base.

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Google+ Adds Angry Birds to their Social Gaming feature.

Google+ have already attracted some of the big boys in casual online gaming by adding Rovio’s Angry Birds to the new Google+ Games button (as well as the age old ‘Bejewelled’ game).

So Google really is taking the fight to Facebook with adding an easy to access social games ‘tab’. Users can invite contacts from their ‘circles’ to play games online AND together! At the same time, the page will store the gaming data to make it easy to share/view scores.

Vic Gundotra, senior vice-president of engineering at Google, said:

"The experiences we have together are just as important to our relationships. We want to make playing games online just as fun, and just as meaningful, as playing in real life."

The Google+ games feature only started rolling out yesterday so fear not if you can’t see it yet. So far there are only 16 games but you can be sure that this number will increase dramatically once the feature is established and developers get their hands on the API. With the likes of Zynga already behind it, I don’t think this will be far off.

However, Facebook is Facebook…the behemoth of social networks and will not be out-done. They too have recently released a myriad of updates such as the Games Ticker. This will transform your chat space into a newsfeed of your friends’ gaming activity.

Clearly both networks are really going all out to gamify (add a game mechanics layer) their respective network. Knowing that social/casual online gaming is a huge (and growing) market. Don’t be surprised to see Google+ start adding a personal ‘acheivements’ or ‘badges’ feed in the foreseeable future. 

The social gaming wars continue…