Facebook Smart Lists Automatically Group Friends

Facebook Smart List

Facebook is currently testing a new feature called Smart Lists that automatically groups friends with common characteristics into Friend Lists that dynamically update themselves over time. Previously, Friend Lists had to be manually assembled and updated — a chore that contributed to them being used by only 5% of the user base. First spotted by Nick Starr, Smart Lists are now being created for the coworkers, classmates, and friends who live within 50 miles of users in the test group.

►Mini Matmian:

Facebook ‘Smart Lists’ hey. Automatically grouping your contacts and dynamically updating them. Not sure I like this. Another privacy issue I feel. It’s a pretty obvious tactic to combat Google+ cirlces but maybe taking it a step too far. 

Facebook seem  more reactive than active these days. Bolting on things to match their competitors rather than creating new, innovative ways to communicate.

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