Reseach: How Marketers Are Using Social Media & What They’re finding

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This was written by Dave Chaffey on Smart Insights.  There are some good suggestions along with an infographic with findings from a six-month study that is ongoing from The Social Media Benchmark  Marketing.   

This is a major, ongoing initiative from The Chartered Institute of Marketing which is supported by Ipsos ASI and Bloomberg. You can see from the names behind this research is not just, a poll, instead it’s a major research program.  

This research project is exploring how marketers are adapting to, investing in and getting value from social media.  There are some very big names attached to it, such as Bloomberg and others and it’s a very serious look at social media and its impact on marketers as it continues to evolve.  

The findings are interesting and tell us that although there are still challenges, resistance to change, doubts about making the overall investment in time, resources, things are changing.  

The author takes a look at:  

**What tactics are being used  

**How social media is being managed  

**What returns are being achieved  

My commentary:  

**Increase in social media usage from 2011-2012 - A good percentage say they’re experimenting and haven’t found it that effective yet, but it’s still early  

**Businesses have to know that social media, like anything else   

**process, lack of understanding of what is required - they need to be educated and think differently about how to build a loyal customer base  

**Once there’s an understanding, changing your infrastructure with the skill sets required to execute effectively is key  

In spite of it all, companies are starting to see the features and benefits of using social media in their marketing strategy, we’re still early in the game but things are evolving at a rapid pace.  

Commentary by Jan Gordon covering “Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond”  

See full article and infographic here:

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