Choosing JQuery template engines

A GitHub page that helps you choose a JavaScript template engine.  

From the author:

"So I sometimes hear people asking how you choose a template engine.  

Well! I’m so glad you asked. It’s a giant pain in the ass because almost all of them do the same things, in the same way. The performance differences among those that are similar are nominal. The syntax is almost always mustaches or ERB-style . Almost none of them run exclusively on the client-side anymore, even those that take a DOM-centric approach to rendering. To try and tease out the subtle differences, I put up a simple GitHub page I hope you good folks will contribute to allowing you to select your priorities and do process of elimination on the existing, supported, non-framework-dependent options.  

But, I mean, going and clicking a bunch of little radio buttons is the easy answer. If you don’t know where to begin, good enough. I think the more interesting discussion is about what developers need from template engines, and whether they should continue writing new ones. There are a few big criteria I see (and that’s what’s reflected in the initial version of the tool)”  



Flash Web Developer Wanted

Matmi (located 20 minutes outside of Manchester, UK) are looking for a front-end developer. Read on if you are interested.

Front-end Flash web developer 

Good Flash & AS3 skills are the core elements in this role, working on websites and branded game releases for clients including EMI Music, Vimto Soft Drinks, Mars, Comic Relief and Cancer Research.

If you can also bring HTML and HTML5, CSS and JQUERY into the mix, that would be great.  If you’re prepared to learn them while you are here, that suits us fine. We also work heavily with PHP but its not an essentila requirement for the job. 

The nature of our work means that skills with Facebook and other social network APIs are always needed – but we train people up in-house for that.

If you’re familiar with Scrum/Sprint or other agile methodologies – great – but it’s not an essential skill.

What’s it like working at Matmi?

Fast, sometimes frenetic and always fun.

Take a look at our website at, find us on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook too – and you’ll quickly get an idea of what we’re about.  Coverage on The Drum and How Do could be useful background too.

What are we offering?

  •  Salary range up to £25k per annum, depending on skills and experience.
  • 24 days holiday per year, plus Bank Holidays.
  • Stakeholder pension scheme.
  • In-house learning environment in whatever business related subject you’d like to develop your skills in! 

Have you got what it takes to be a Matmian?  Contact us at or on 01625 575661

Please send links to a blog/online portfolio if possible.

Adobe Edge Icon

The Adobe Edge Preview is billed as a product of Adobe Labs, and that’s apt. At this stage, everything about it feels experimental (and not always effective). Still, I know of no other tool that can do what Edge can, and the fact that even Adobe struggles to do it successfully is testament to the scope of the problem Edge is trying to tackle.

Even once it matures, however, Edge’s approach won’t be for everyone. Some developers will object to using Adobe’s proprietary JavaScript libraries, while others will prefer to have more direct control over animations at the code level. Edge is probably too bulky a tool if all you want is to dress up corporate Web pages with fancy effects. On the other hand, it could be an effective way to deliver banner ads, infographics, how-to demos, and other canned animations without the need for browser plug-ins—provided, that is, Adobe can provide a richer tool set and overcome some of Edge’s current performance problems.

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►Mini Matmian’s comments (^SL):

First off, I hold my hands up and say I’m in no way an AS3/Flash expert nor do I have a great deal of experience with Javascript coding and HTML. Although, even with my limited knowledge I had fun playing with Adobe’s beta ‘Edge’ software. The UI is a tad clunky and does have an obvious resemblence to Flash’s UI in alot of ways (which, I guess, is a plus if your used to working in Flash) and like any beta, it did crash quite a bit.

However,  if I could create something that would just about pass as an animated canvas calling on jQuery libraries (with little to no coding), then I can see how Edge might become a useful part of a developers work-flow in the future.

Like the article said, it’s probably not the type of software an experienced coder would use but for someone starting out, I can see it being a time saver and maybe a stepping stone onto learning to code independent of the Edge UI.

It’s at least worth checking out Adobe’s preview samples of what can be created in Edge.