Littlewoods censors Facebook backlash over Christmas spot

Via - Branded Entertainment and Digital Marketing

The ad features a twist on a nativity play, in which children sing and rap about presents bought by their mums.  

Hundreds of consumers have attacked the ad on social media sites, complaining that it is inappropriate given the current economic climate. Comments such as, “Stop ruining Christmas for kids with your rubbish TV advert,” have been being manually deleted from the store’s Facebook page in an attempt to curtail the growing consumer backlash over the spot.  

The ability to comment on the ad itself has also been disabled. A debate on YouTube about whether the ad should be banned has racked up over 20,000 views, with commentators complaining it tells children “Santa doesn’t exist”.  

Update - A spokeswoman for Littlewoods denied the negative posts were deliberately being deleted. A spokeswoman said: “Occasionally, Facebook marks certain posts as spam, usually when a person has posted a number of times in a short space of time. At various points throughout the day, we check the posts held as spam by Facebook and republish them.”