Matmi visit Microsoft

There are a number of perks to working at Matmi – and last week Jeff and three of our developers (Rob, Juan and Derek) were lucky enough to be invited to a Developer Day at the Microsoft Offices down in Reading . Our developers were very impressed with Microsoft’s swanky high tech offices featuring glass buildings and lakes with swans! (I’m thinking we should definitely be investing in a lake and swans for the Matmi offices to keep up ;) )The day was based around developing  for  Windows 8 and hopefully the guys picked up a tip or two!

The guys heard a number of interesting talks throughout the day that covered some key issues for developers working with Windows 8.  Some of these included how Unity 3D and Windows 8 share OS  features which are going to be integrated into Windows store apps ( formerly called Metro apps) . This will  mean that programs can register a shared type of data (images, urls, contacts etc) with the operating system. This allows the OS to automatically bring up a list of all the programs available that can make use of that data; allowing the quick and easy transfer of information between applications that have no knowledge of each other.  


Derek had a chance to learn about the new Windows 8 touch interface and found it to be far better than Windows 7. He had this to say: “ One of the main improvements is the new windows 8 start menu ( the new start menu takes up a full screen ) which gives users much easier access to programmes/apps than in the typical start menu seen in all other versions of Windows thus making it much better for touch screen users - this isn’t the only reason it is better than Windows 7 but is one of the main ones”.


Matmi also had the opportunity to demo one of our future releases to the guys from Microsoft. It’s safe to say it was received very well and we are really excited to be able to announce the project in the very near future!  

San Francisco!

Matmi jet setters James and Jeff were invited to attend the San Francisco Gamification Summit by our friends from RedCritter last week – we would like say a BIG thanks to Mike and Erika for looking after them and making it all possible, it was a great opportunity for Matmi to meet some of the big players in digital and do some serious Stateside networking with Sega, Unity and Microsoft.

The team at RedCritter invited Jeff to speak at the GSummit 2012, to discuss his thoughts and experiences with their brilliant gamified project management tool. We have been using RedCritter with great success internally for some time (see blog post) – so it was great to finally put faces to names and meet the guys who are behind this software, as well as checking out their newest ideas and meeting some great other companies and people in the industry.

Here are a few words from the big cheese himself about his State side experience:

“James and I really enjoyed our trip to San Francisco. It felt like a place of great opportunity, and it was brilliant to meet some of the brands we have always admired.

We loved visiting the SEGA offices, it was fantastic to meet the Sonic & Monkey ball team in person, we look forward to working with them soon. We also visited Unity3D headquarters and I’d like to thank Tracy who has been helping us with our latest projects; they seemed pretty impressed with what we had to show them and its been a great pleasure to work together. If you don’t use Unity3D to make games yet - you should!

The Gamification Summit was fab – there are some brilliant new companies and products entering the digital space. The USA seem to be leading the way in gamification; we met Bunchball, Big Door, Badgeville, Gabe Zichermann (author of “Gamification by Design) along with the head of start up’s at Microsoft who was really excited by the Red Critter software, as well as the work Matmi has produced. Amazing!

We bumped into the famed US rapper Chamionillaire, who has been working with Big Door, and offered to make him a Matmi game, watch this space…

I’d like to say a big thanks to everyone we met with over in San Francisco I hope this is the first of many trips, and the beginning of some great new creative partnerships!”

Jeff Coghlan, CEO

Finally, next week Jeff is speaking at the Develop Conference in Brighton; we are really excited about this and hope to make it a talk with a bit of a twist…

Microsoft introduces Xbox-like achievements for developers - HTML and CSS Web Design

Microsoft introduced a beta plug-in for the company’s Visual Studio development environment today. Visual Studio Achievements is a free plug-in that allows developers to unlock achievements and badges, in the same way that Xbox gamers pick up achievements. Developers can even compete with each other on a virtual leader board for coding bragging rights. Microsoft says the plug-in is designed to be “playful and pragmatic,” built to help developers discover new features of the Visual Studio application.

Developers will be greeted with the classic “achievement unlocked” toast on their desktop after particular events are triggered inside Visual Studio. There are 32 achievements across six categories, and badges can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and blogs thanks to a javascript widget. With achievements like “Lonely” and “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),” it’s probably a good idea not to share every badge on your social network though. You can grab the free plug-in at the source link here.


Mini Matmian:

Another simple implementation of adding game mechanics to Microsoft’s products (remember ‘Ribbon Hero’? - I personally found it quite useful as a tutorial system).

Be interesting to see how developers take to this plug-in. They can be quite a competitive bunch :-)

Looking for a way to add a layer of game mechanics to your website or a new app? Then get in touch with Matmi. We would love to hear from you and I’m sure we would be able to spruce up your next camapaign/website/App. The Matmians are people of many talents.

Twitter: @Matmi


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Microsoft’s Internet Explorer falls below 50% in browser market share

Market share for browsers operating systems and search engines News 520x389 For the first time, Microsofts Internet Explorer falls below 50% in browser market share

According to NetMarketShare, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has finally fallen below 50% in the browser war. The data shows that Internet Explorer now owns 49.58% of the browser market share for web traffic. For the first time, Internet Explorer has dropped below 50%. To illustrate the free-fall, Internet Explorer owned 64.6% of the desktop browser market share alone in November 2009.

Firefox and Google Chrome continue to rise, with 21.20% and 16.59% of the browser market share respectively. Even though Apple continues to sell more and more mobile devices with its Safari browser, the company only holds 8.54% of total browser usage.

The difference in browser share could be due to applications being available on the Firefox and Chrome platforms, whereas Internet Explorer seems stale at this point.

With more Google devices shipping with Chrome and Chrome OS, you can expect the market share for Chrome to rise dramatically in 2012. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer will more than likely continue to plummet.

Microsoft Touts the Kinect Effect as Part of Global Holiday Ad Campaign

Via - New Digital Media

On Nov. 4, 2010, Microsoft launched Kinect worldwide. A year later, a new Microsoft commercial, above, showcases the ‘Kinect Effect,’ showing how its motion-controlled gaming device has evolved into a product with much broader potential social impact.

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Matmi are joined by Microsoft, BBC and Google on Social Media judging panel


With the deadline for the Social Buzz Awards approaching, more judges have been announced to the high profile judging panel - including Microsoft’s director of search.

Dave Coplin, the director of search UK at Microsoft (pictured), and Jeff Coghlan, MD at Matmi, have just signed up for this year’s judging panel to join the likes of Alastair Cox, EMEA team leader at Google Creative Services,Chris Jones, social media manager at BBC, Colin Gilchrist, social media strategy planning and training director at Digital Face, Paul Febretti, director of digital strategy at Origin Creative, Phil Adams, planning director at Blonde Digital, and Zoe Macerlean, social media manager at

Social Buzz Awards aim to celebrate and reward the best in social media communications in the UK. The social media awards recognise the individuals, companies and organisations who are transforming the use of online to communicate in new and innovative ways.

However, the entry deadline of Friday 12 August is approaching fast. To enter or for more information, visit

You can now listen to the first Social Buzz Awards podcast, which went live earlier this week. Craig McGill is joined by 10 Yetis account director Rich Leigh, Ketchum Pleon digital strategist Kate Matlock and Digital Mud strategist Murray Cox to chat about what makes good social media; was the Old Spice campaign a real victory for social media; and will companies ever get social media policies in place… or is this a utopian dream?

Note from Matmi’s MD Jeff Coghlan:

I thought I’d pop on over to Matmi’s Musings blog, shuffle up alongside the Mini Matmian and post my 2 cents.

First off, I’d like to say thank you to the guys organising the Social Buzz awards for inviting me to judge this year and to say what an honour it is to be in such esteemed company.

The first Social Buzz Awards podcast was a fantastic listen and I am proud to be part of the first event for these awards. Long may they continue. 

Social media and the incorporation of it within digital (and non-digital) campaigns is becoming more and more essential. Companies are finding new and innovative ways to utilise this medium and it’s paying off.

Although it feels like social media has been around forever, it is still a relatively new online space; one that is still evolving. New start-ups continue to appear hoping to take advantage of the vast communities using the internet to communicate. Like all things, some don’t quite succeed and some thrive.

Empire Avenue is a great example of a group who have taken social media in a new direction and combined it with ‘gamification’. It’s still finding it’s feet and is in no way a perfect system…yet. The developers of this network are constantly tweaking it and listening to the feedback from their community. This is the only way to succeed and from what I’ve seen so far, they will carve themselves out a nice little empire of their own in the social media universe. That’s all I’ll say on that site, I’ll leave my Mini Matmian to take you on a trip through the site based on his own experience.

It’s great to see the creation of the Social Buzz awards and the way they will highlight some of the fantastic and inventive ways companies are using social media. I look forward to meeting my fellow judges and delving into the awards submissions. It should be a fantastic event.



Inaugural MoMoMcr gets a flash of Matmi

What?! Has Matmi been exposing itself again?

The answer is “Yes” but in a good way. The lovely people at International Mobile Monday asked Matmi to get involved in their inaugural event in Manchester (get the acronym now?), and given that the debate was “Mobile web vs. mobile apps” we felt we could make an insightful contribution.

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