Ten Ways to use SMS to Boost your Business

Texting isn’t just a way for Chantelle to tell Tiffany what Olivia did at the club last night. It can be a powerful way for businesses to reach out to their customers, to manage essential everyday operations, and to keep track of what’s going on, even while out of the office. Here we take a look at 10 ways in which businesses can turn SMS texting to their advantage.

  1. Promote your business with bulk SMS – Web-based and application based SMS services make it possible to quickly, easily and cost-effectively get your marketing messages direct into the pockets of those who have opted in. Many estimates have put the open rates for SMS messages at between 90% and 98% - far higher than those for email marketing messages.
  2. Send client reminders – Businesses can dramatically cut no-shows and late arrivals by sending out courtesy reminders of appointments and scheduled meetings via SMS beforehand.
  3. Text special offer codes and coupons – Sending customers a discount code or SMS ‘coupon’ that they can redeem by presenting the text message or keying in a code online can be of use for a variety of businesses, from clubs and shops to online retail sites.
  4. Provide secure internal messaging – Businesses’ IT and human resources departments can utilise computer-based SMS applications to transmit sensitive information, such as new system passwords, securely and reliably.
  5. Receive important notifications – Webmasters, office managers and others can arrange to receive automated notifications from servers and computer programs via email to SMS services, ensuring that they can keep in the loop wherever they are.
  6. Communicate with field staff – Businesses who have regularly have a lot of team members out and about, such as sales peoples or couriers, can utilise computer to SMS texting facilities to streamline essential communication processes, and increase cost-effectiveness.
  7. Keep in touch with email to SMS – By using email to SMS services it is possible for business owners, managers and self-employed individuals to receive and reply to important email correspondences promptly, wherever they happen to be, direct on their mobile phone.
  8. Integrate bulk SMS services into your website or applications – SMS API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) make it possible for developers to easily incorporate bulk SMS technology into their own applications and websites, unlocking an array of potential uses.
  9. Issue membership renewal reminders – Subscription based businesses can greatly improve customer retention rates by issuing scheduled SMS reminders directly to members’ phones before the account expiry date. Not only is it a potent reminder, but customers can be given the option to renew their membership conveniently and instantaneously by simply replying to the text message.
  10. Provide SMS-based customer support – For some customer support issues, a conversation with a real live person is the only way of dealing with the matter properly. However in other cases, such as responding to an email query about a delivery date, a response via SMS is not only appropriate, but it is also very effective for the purpose, and far less time-consuming for both parties.

About the Author:

Pavel Webb is the affiliate manager at TextMagic, a bulk SMS gateway based in United Kingdom.