Infographic: How Content Goes Viral

Understanding Viral Content Marketing

The Infographic from ProBlogger details out the anatomy of viral content, along with the different types of viral content, the reasons we share it, how it’s designed, the importance of integrated execution and a whole bunch of tips to create and seed viral content. 

►Mini Matmian:

This is a great infographic detailing the TYPICAL processes you can go through to increase the chance of your content going viral. I say ‘typical’ because obviously there is a bit of luck involved (particularly with the amount of content out there) and you need content WORTH sharing.

Viral marketing is something close to Matmi’s heart. It is what we have been doing with games for over 10 years now. With some games such as ‘Brilliant Brushers' receiving almost 20 million plays to date and STILL getting played over 15 thousand times a day, 18 months since it launched.  And 'Gorillaz: Escape to Plastic Beach' which has had 3.6 million plays and thousands of downloads of the App. All achieved through organic, viral marketing. 

A worthy resource for anyone looking to understand the basics of how content goes viral or to explain it to a client.

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