Mashable website ‘to be sold for £130million’ to CNN

CNN is reported to be in talks to buy the technology news website Launched in 2005 by then 19-year-old Scot Pete Cashmore, it has since become a hugely popular blog.  

Now aged 26, Mr Cashmore is regularly named as one of the most influential people in the tech world.   His website, which claims to have 20 million unique users per month, is valued by some at £130 million.  

However, one source quoted in the Wall Street Journal says CNN will never come close to paying that amount for the site.  

Pete Cashmore’s official biography on says he started the site to focus on “up-to-the-minute news on social networks and digital trends”. Although he started it from his bedroom in Banchory, Aberdeenshire, it’s now headquartered in New York while Mr Cashmore splits his time between there and California.  


Mini Matmian►  

Is this going to be a good thing, bad thing or make no difference at all? Personally, I think it depends on the type of editorial control CNN demand and the agenda behind it.

Let us know what your thoughts are….

Microsoft introduces Xbox-like achievements for developers - HTML and CSS Web Design

Microsoft introduced a beta plug-in for the company’s Visual Studio development environment today. Visual Studio Achievements is a free plug-in that allows developers to unlock achievements and badges, in the same way that Xbox gamers pick up achievements. Developers can even compete with each other on a virtual leader board for coding bragging rights. Microsoft says the plug-in is designed to be “playful and pragmatic,” built to help developers discover new features of the Visual Studio application.

Developers will be greeted with the classic “achievement unlocked” toast on their desktop after particular events are triggered inside Visual Studio. There are 32 achievements across six categories, and badges can be shared on Twitter, Facebook and blogs thanks to a javascript widget. With achievements like “Lonely” and “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD),” it’s probably a good idea not to share every badge on your social network though. You can grab the free plug-in at the source link here.


Mini Matmian:

Another simple implementation of adding game mechanics to Microsoft’s products (remember ‘Ribbon Hero’? - I personally found it quite useful as a tutorial system).

Be interesting to see how developers take to this plug-in. They can be quite a competitive bunch :-)

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Adobe Dives Into Facebook Ad Buying With Efficient Frontier Purchase


Adobe is taking the plunge into ad buying with the pending purchase of Efficient Frontier, a company best known for helping marketers negotiate advertising on Facebook.

The acquisition will add new services to Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite, which includes web analytics and web optimization tools for marketers.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The purchase will give Adobe more of a foothold in ad buying on Facebook. Adobe currently lets marketers buy ads on Facebook via its Adobe Search Center+ paid search management tool.

The deal follows Adobe’s $1.8 billion purchase of Omniture, a maker of web traffic measurement software, in 2009. Such measurement tools let publishers using Adobe’s software quantify the number of people who visit their sites in order to better negotiate ad rates.

Founded in 2002, Efficient Frontier manages more than $1 billion in marketing spending on behalf of its clients, which include Travelodge, and Discover Financial Services.

Image courtesy of Flickr, bytecrc

BBC beta website- Homepage

Explore the new BBC BETA homepage.

►Mini Matmian:

Personally I miss the editable/movable boxes. Not too sure I’m a big fan of the new look. Seems a tad messy/harder to navigate. But that’s just me. Maybe it just my aversion to change to certain regularly used websites :)

What do you think?