A Matmian on a Comic Con Adventure…

One of our lovely designers (Jen - on the far left) went to MCM Expo 2012 recently and was cornered by an interviewer at the Nintendo stand.

Jen loves a bit of Zelda, as you can see, so was the perfect choice to be asked what she thought of the Zelda franchise along with the future of games as a whole.

Well done Jen, you did Matmi proud! 

Nintendo facing ‘huge challenge’ communicating Wii U features

Things haven’t gone entirely to plan with 3DS and Nintendo has acknowledged the ‘huge challenges’ it faces with its next hardware launch - Wii U.

In a chat with Wii Sports designer Katsuya Eguchi, our friends at Edge suggested Nintendo faces a similar struggle when it launches Wii U late next year. 

"You’re absolutely right, those are just some of the huge challenges ahead of us - getting people to really understand what Wii U can offer," acknowledged Eguchi. 

"We have some experiences here right now - with Chase Mii and ‘shield Pose’ - and we have a great opportunity to give people time to play the games, so we’ll take advantages of expos, conferences and in-store demos," he added. 

"But we really want people to understand how the TV screen and controller screen interact and how that changes the experience. And we’ve come up with a variety of uses. But you’re right, we can’t explain them all, and I don’t even think we’ve thought of them all. I’m sure there are many uses that haven’t been thought of yet."

Nintendo won’t announce the price and release date for Wii U until 2012, president Satoru Iwata has confirmed, admitting to worries that potential early adopters will hold off buying the console in response to the drastic 3DS price drop which slashed a third of its price barely six months into its lifecycle.

[ Source: Edge ]